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You already know that our selection of retail mall kiosks and carts is among the largest on the planet and now you can pick the design you like best right from our website



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New Retail Kiosk Designs

Below we have added a few retail kiosk and cart designs that have also been added to our classic line carts and kiosks catalogs.

Specialty Kiosks

Jewelry Kiosks

Blossum 343 Blossum 344 Bella Terra  1 Bella Terra

Retail Kiosks – Aluminum Extrusion Colors

For all our alluminum retail mall kiosks we offer a large selection of colors!

Please review the link below to see all the finishes that are available!



Sunny time sunglasses approached our company little over a year ago to come up with a simple yet catchy kiosk design for its many location in the southern USA and the Caribbean! We have already delivered 14 kiosks over the last 12 months in states such as Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida! The company is ready for a slight redesign for the next 20 kiosks and we are working hard to get the first 2 kiosks in completed and delivered before the end of the month!

Jewelry Kiosk Completed

Jewelry Mall Kiosks

Jewelry Kiosks – Made in the USA

Another satisfied customer took possession of his new jewelry kiosk last week.  This design (a relatively simply one) is prototype of more to come!

Dallas Gold Jewelry located in Texas is planning on opening 8 location next year and 25 by the end of 2015!

We wish John Depster and his team at Dallas Gold Jewelry all the success!

Cell Phone Kiosks – Made in the USA

These days everyone has a cell phone or a smart phone and all of these phones need to be serviced!  Hence the reason we are all seeing this huge boom of cell phone kiosks and carts in mall all across the USA and Canada.

Kiosks Carts Group is one of the largest custom manufacturer of these kinds of mall kiosks.  We also manufacture jewelry kiosks, sun glass kiosks, watch, makeup and lottery kiosks and many more!  If you are in the market for a well designed and manufactured kiosk, cart or RMU, please contact one of our sales reps and browse through our catalog!

Brad Timmers

Cell Phone Kiosks

Cell Phone Kiosks – Made in the USA

Retail Mall Kiosks – MADE IN THE USA

All our kiosks are made in 1 of our 3 factories located in either the USA, Canada or Mexico.  If you are living in the USA and you want your kiosk to be made at our Laredo Texas location, this is not a problem!   If your main concern is cost, we would suggest having your kiosk made at our facility in Laredo Texas!

For more information please contact us!


New Retail Merchandising Unit Designs will be offering a new line of economy merchandising units available for purchase in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Our new designs are great to be used in the following industries, Jewelry, Cell Phone, Makeup – Cosmetics, Hats, Watches, Electronics, Nails, Magazines, Newspapers, Lottery, Sunglasses, Novelty Gifts, General Information, Foods, Drinks, Cards and Specialy Gifts.
For more information please contact us.

Our Guarantees


Kiosks & Carts guarantees our workmanship and we have the best warranty available in the industry. Each Kiosk or Cart has its own identification number which carries a unique code distinguishing it as an authentic Kiosks & Carts product manufactured by CS. Our kiosks and Carts are built to last and flexible to accommodate your individual merchandizing requirements.


Kiosks customized to your Size

Retail Mall Kiosks can be customized to your size, shape and color. You will never need to worry about our patent aluminum structural requirements, because our Aluminum Extruded kiosks and Carts are simply the best in the industry. We can build units from scratch based on your ideas. Kiosks & Carts utilizes cutting-edge software which enables us to pre-build “virtual” carts and kiosks for your inspection and cost estimation. We then build your retail mall kiosk or cart to the 3D model specifications. Before we start building your mall kiosk or cart, you will see exactly what your kiosk or cart will look like before it arrives at your retail shopping centre location. For these many reasons, we are certain that you will be extremely happy with one of our modular retail mall kiosks or carts.