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Perfect Awards and Gifts to Thank Someone This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, don’t miss the opportunity to thank the ‘angels’ of your life. They can be your parents, children, spouse, or friends for always being there to lend you support whenever you needed them the most. Or, they can be your employees who continuously work hard for your company.

For your family and close friends, invite them to a delicious meal at your home or somewhere out. You can also gift them nice, affordable presents that truly shows your appreciation for them. For your employees, you can show your appreciation by organizing an awards banquet at the office.
Here are some inexpensive award and gift ideas for Thanksgiving:

Gifts for Relatives or Friends
Take time to think of a sentimental gift for your family and friends, or you can go with timeless gifts like wine. Gifting wine bottles has never been out of fashion. The best part is you can gift wine on any occasion. A nice bottle of wine to your parents, spouse, or friends is the best way to raise a toast for the love and support they unconditionally extend to you. You can also gift wine accessories or a wine chiller.
You can also give your lover a White Satin Heart Jewelry Box that shows your love and appreciation. The top of this box is lined with rhinestones that sparkle in every direction. The box is also lined with blue velvet interior that protects your precious jewelry.

Awards or Gifts for Employees
You can choose to gift your employees individually, or you can award them collectively. A wood pen, card case & keychain gift set is a great option if you go the individual way. If you want to award them collectively, Jade Glass with Chrome Star is great to recognize the individuals who have exceeded the company’s expectations. This award comes with a Chrome Star Holder, which enhances its display.
Gifts for Anyone You Admire
You also have more specific gift options to thank a war veteran or a public figure whom you know. Our Cherry Flag Case Gold Trim can be a great present for a war veteran to keep their stars and badges that they would have earned fighting enemies of the nation.
Bronze Eagle Plaque American Flag is the perfect gift to recognize someone associated with the military. This plaque comes with an antique bronze flat relief eagle with a full-color American Flag mounted on it. You can customize it with up to 8 lines of text on a black plate with gold text and trim.
Wine Bottles
A wine bottle is a perfect gift for almost any occasion, like weddings, anniversaries, or Thanksgiving. Our well-designed wine bottles are available in standard and large sizes and can be customized by adding graphics, the wine’s name, and the year at the bottom.

Rosewood Wine Box w/Accessories
Our simple, yet beautiful single wine presentation box is designed with a rosewood finish and features accessories that make it a great gift to show your appreciation and gratitude on Thanksgiving. This wine box features one bottle of wine (not included), four accessories, and a clasp to keep it closed. You can customize this wine box with a logo or text of your choice.

Wine Chiller
Our wine chiller is exquisitely designed with high-class black marble and white veins. Its unique style and elegance make it the perfect choice for Thanksgiving, weddings, and other holiday events. To make it even more special, personalize the wine chiller by adding a text or logo of your choice.


RD Whitney is Co-Founder and Director of the Virtual Events Institute.
The year 2020 has turned the world of virtual events upside down. How can you make connections when you can’t bring people together? With traditional events like fundraisers, workshops and conferences on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s time to get creative.
With so many of us working from home, constant Zoom meetings are the reality. Anyone who’s been on video chats all day long knows that they can get boring and repetitive. But if you can find a way to capture your audience’s attention, and to keep them engaged throughout an event, interactive online events are possible.
The world of community building has gone through changes that are here to stay. Organizations like Virtual Events Institute recognize the potential here and are helping professionals learn about the kind of innovation that’s possible. And companies like Trellis are also tapping into the online market, providing clients with an all-in-one customizable platform and guidance on how to host engaging and successful online fundraisers.
So how can you make your online events captivating and memorable? Try adding an unconventional element. One idea is to have a virtual class of some kind during online meetings and events, as an engaging way to liven up the experience. You could bring a professional to the event to lead a fun activity, like a chef, sommelier or bartender.
For example, ChefTorial enables you, your colleagues, clients or network to prepare meals with a professional chef. Bringing the food and beverage experience online, the chef coaches you while you work from what ChefTorial calls “your Zoom Table.”
Here are some takeaways on how to strategize your virtual event approach:
Make it a party.
The ultimate measure to any in-person event is the quality of the entertainment. An exhibitor who has a sub-par sales effort can still justify the expense of the show if they were able to treat their existing customers and/or mix it up with industry professionals at a fun, “event within an event,” like a theme party, a pub crawl, a golf outing, a ball game or some local attraction. Unfortunately, most of these concepts don’t translate well on a virtual platform, but an activity-driven class that evolves into a virtual party can.
Think like a trade show organizer.
A successful trade show producer has to deliver for both buyers and sellers, as well as experts and professionals needing certifications or credits if there’s a conference component. To use the previous example, ChefTorial delivers the value proposition for the “attendees,” but its active recruitment of freelance chefs to grow their global team is a brilliant stroke of marketplace genius. The surplus of chefs from all over the world have an opportunity to earn significant income anddemonstrate their skills and expertise to a qualified audience of prospective clients, investors and fans.
Think “sky’s the limit” with the virtual platform.
A typical B2B in-person event has to focus on the industry it’s serving and can fail miserably if it tries serving other market segments in the same venue. A virtual concept can be marketed to consumer audiences, event organizers and a wide range of corporate or commercial interests that would easily recognize the impact of this unique experience on their target audience.
Develop a pricing matrix that shows value and reflects the in-person experience.
A lot of virtual event organizers are emphasizing free registrations to build their community, and there’s merit to this strategy when you consider the long-term growth potential. But when you can craft a $75-per-couple cooking class into a virtual platform that allows you to invite up to 198 people (or 99 couples), you are going to market with a product that has established value and then some.
The concept has enormous potential for development and can be adapted to your business and audience. Think about your goals for the event. Who you are trying to reach, engage and entertain? What kind of additional event activity might help you achieve your goal? Once you figure that out, you can either search for an individual to hire for the event, or go with a company that offers a comprehensive experience. Just be sure to add that extra experience to take your virtual event to the next level.


Military and defence industry is a huge industry that produces and sells weapons to different countries. They are also responsible for selling various military technology to the countries across the world. This industry is responsible for the production of defence products like Pistol and Guns and also delivers the technology that is needed for modern warfare.

There are several forecast in terms of technological advancement and the political advancement of the defence industry. It is being estimated that in the future the war instrument will be artificial in nature. Given the social and the political system of different counties there are chances of crisis and this may lead to several outbreaks of war. This is the time the defence industry will be of major help to fight and mitigate the risk of war. Every year there is a huge amount of investment done on the military and the defence of the country. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary that there is an improvement in the economy and the political factors. Else there several chances of terror as being forecasted by military and defence industry.

Military trade shows are the ways through which different technological advancement in the field of defence is known, Becoming a part of such trade show allows the understanding of political strength and political agenda of different countries. The new technologies can be exploring in a way of that agenda can be formed further to understand the political moves of different countries in the world. Having a details concept of the same is essential.

Case Study: Canagan
Over the past few years, veterinarians and pet owners alike have emphasized the importance of including high-quality, grain-free food in dog and cat diets. British pet food company Canagan has partnered with nutritionists to develop a range of prime meat and fish-based products to boost pet health. At the 2020 Global Pet Show in Orlando, Canagan showed off its all-natural, grain-free ingredients with a booth that invited customers in for a transformative experience.
Client Desires: A Hands-On Visitor Experience
Canagan wanted its 20×20 rental booth to draw in new customers, build relationships with existing customers, and emphasize the origin and quality of its product line. Because Canagan sets itself apart from the competition by using real meat and fresh vegetables in its pet food (instead of corn, grains, and other fillers), its booth needed to help visitors truly feel what the brand represents while bringing the Canagan brand to life.
The Rockway Solution
Rockway’s designers worked closely with Canagan to build on some general exhibit concepts and goals. By combining Rockway’s experience with Canagan’s innate knowledge of its brand, we were able to create a strategic design that took this exhibit to the next level.
To connect attendees to the brand and product, we created a complete brand experience through outdoorsy graphics, grass plants and turf, wood grains, a barrel, barn-like roofing, and real fresh vegetables to emphasize Canagan’s all-natural, fresh ingredients. Keeping these vegetables fresh throughout the four-day conference was a bit of a challenge, but regular refrigeration and a few quick spritzes of water were all that was needed to keep them looking lush.
Other exhibit features included:
• A backlit storage tower to display a range of food products
• Double-sided backlit pillars
• Puck and market lights
• Pedestals and signs that were designed with a hiking-trail look and feel
• Wooden crates, a wooden barrel, and a wood beam roof
• Custom inlay flooring
• Rustic bar tables and stools
• Corrugated metal accents
This eye-catching, fresh-feeling booth generated many compliments and some major interest from attendees. Canagan was pleased to share about the process our team took to discover their brand and goals, “[Rockway] asked me a lot of questions, prior to designing the booth, this meant [Rockway] understood what we were trying to achieve. This resulted in an open and inviting booth, which drew attention to us from all angles.”

At Rockway Exhibits + Events, we’re committed to helping our clients create a dynamic, high-quality display that provides each customer with a memorable experience. We begin each of our client partnerships with a meeting, where we gather the details needed to fully understand your brand, needs, goals, and how you’d like to achieve them. As a full-service exhibit provider, we then handle everything from construction and shipping to storage, installation, and dismantling. By taking these duties off your hands, you can dedicate your focus on connecting and educating attendees on your brand and offerings. Contact us today to learn how we can help create you a strategic design — and offer you peace of mind in the process.

Increase your sales at Food Cart!

The strategies to increase sales are 12 and you can do it:

  1. Make your food cart hard to forget: the most important aspect to make money with a food cart is undoubtedly the concept you make around it.
  2. Offers something no other food cart can give: that’s why it’s important that you find a specific type of food that other truckloads don’t serve.
  3. Get your customers to come back again and again: you can create for example a loyalty program in which for every 10 visits you give them a free dish; give them some kind of gift on special occasions such as parties or celebrations.
  4. Create your own website.
  5. Provides a system of orders and payments through cell phone.
  6. Add or change your menu each season.
  7. Get your customers to spend more: Have you seen this new dessert we created? Saying phrases like these every time you serve a customer will make your sales go up because you will induce them to spend a little more on your food truck.
  8. Collaborate with other local businesses.
  9. Offer your services for original weddings and parties.
  10. Go to festivals held in your country.
  11. Don’t forget the social networks!
  12. Offers home service!

Satisfaction Guaranteee

At Kiosks&Carts we are interested in always offering the best quality at the best price. We are a responsible company that has delivered thousands of showcases throughout North America for more than 20 years. One of the greatest rewards we have acquired in this time is the loyalty of our customers. This loyalty, among other things, we owe to a guarantee policy that protects the purchase of our customers.

The Kiosks&Carts guarantee protects your investment. Each retail cart or kiosk is protected against manufacturing defects. If for any reason your showcase has any defect, we promise to fix it at no extra cost.

If you want more information about our guarantee or you want to buy a retail kiosks or retail cart with us, contact us, we are here to help you.

High quality kiosks in Sacramento, California

High quality kiosks. Our kiosks stand out from the crowd due to the quality of their materials and finishes. We are a company established in the main cities of California, Texas, Florida and Canada. All our products are built under the strictest standards and UL standards. We also use internationally certified products and accessories. With this you can be sure of each kiosk that we deliver is a high quality product. It is very rare that we get to have any problem. However, our satisfaction guarantee protects your investment against manufacturing defects. If you want more information about our kiosks, contact us, we can help you.

Cell phone Kiosks in Manhattan

Cell phone kiosksCell phone kiosks. One of the most profitable businesses today is the sale of cell phones. If you are part of the entrepreneurs that start in the industry this cell phone kiosk is for you. It has several storage areas in the bottom. Each compartment has a lockable hinge door, so your things stay safe. In the upper part has the exhibition area composed of three levels of shelves of tempered glass. Within this area you will find different LED lights. This whole area also has sliding glass doors with locks and keys. Finally we can highlight the backlit panel on the top that will make your logo stand out. If you want to buy a kiosk or want more information, contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Affordable kiosks and carts.

One of the commitments we have as a company is to deliver the best quality at the best price. That’s why we can say that we offer affordable kiosks and carts. The manufacturing team is in frequent contact with different suppliers to ensure that we have the highest quality materials at the best price. Thanks to this, we can offer kiosks and carts at the best price. Within our products we offer: souvenir kiosks, eyeglass kiosks, food kiosks, perfume kiosks, jewelery kiosks, clothing kiosks and any other type you can imagine. Our designs have the possibility to adapt to your business. Even with this, if you had an idea different from what you see on our internet sites, do not worry, we can do it for you. Just contact our sales and marketing department and we will immediately start developing your project. Call us, our assistants will attend you with pleasure.

Candy Kiosks in USA

Candy kiosks At some point we have arrived at a candy kiosk to calm the craving. And we know that it is very easy to find one. This is one of the main reasons why these kiosks are a profitable business. We manufacture the best kiosks in the United States and Canada. More than 20 years of experience have made us one of the leading companies in the industry. During this time we have perfected our kiosks. Today we can offer kiosks of the best quality, resistant and durable.

If you want a kiosk or cart, contact us, our assistants can help you in the selection process. We have many designs or we can make a special one for you. Do not think more and communicate now.